Flats Available at Fresh Price in Bptp Princess Park

Bptp Group offer ready to move flats at fresh price in Bptp Princess Park  in Sector 86, Greater Faridabad. Bptp Princess Park is a ready to move society. On Diwali Festival Bptp Group offer 17 units in Bptp Princess Park at fresh price.  Type of flats available in bptp princess park at fresh price is 3 Bhk and price start  from 54, 50,000/-  to 66,49,000/– onwards.  Flats no. & Tower name is also mention  H-2001, H-2003, J-2001, J-2002, H-2004, K-2001, K-2002, K-2003, K-2004, L-1902, L-2003, L-2004, M-2001, M-2003, M-2004, H-1804, K-1703.  For more query about bptp princess park like Fresh price of bptp princess, possession of bptp princess park, floor plans of bptp princess park, registry cost of bptp princess park, transfer charges of bptp princess park etc.

Bptp Park Floors and  Spr Buildtech

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